Many people are just now realizing that there is a hidden button in every airplane seat

Some people only realized recently that ALL airline seats had a hidden button.

In some planes, buttons are located on or above the seats and in others they’re found on top of them.

Depending on the make and model, planes often have buttons overhead and on seats


In some planes, buttons are located on or above the seats and overhead depending on their make and model.Alamy

Some passengers may not know the function of their buttons.

Some buttons on the seat of a plane are much more visible, for example those which change channel or volume.

Some are not visible, such as the handrail integrated under the overhead storage lockers.

It’s true that there is a button hidden in the dashboard which few passengers are aware of.

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There is a button on the seat that lets you lift the armrest.

You’ll likely find it under the armrest, near the hinge.

The armrest will move up once you have pressed it.

To give you more space, move the seat all the up until it is flush with yours.

As seats get smaller, it’s important to have as much space available as possible.

There are other hidden buttons on a plane.

TikToker Joselin Lora revealed that the bathroom cabinet buttons were placed there by a Delta cabin service worker.

She said that the button is under the mirror.

For those that fly Delta and especially for the women, there is a button underneath the mirror. If you push it, the door will open.

In the mirror, you’ll find all of your necessities like a padded pad.

In the cabinet, you will find sanitary pads and tissues. You can also refill hand lotions.

On other flights, she said that it’s a “pull-out box” on the wall.

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