Man Speaks About Protocol-Breaking Hug With Prince William

The royal family is known for their devotion to their strict protocols, but they still know when to bend the rules for someone special. Prince William recently broke protocol by hugging 66-year-old William Burns while on a visit to Scotland. 

‘It Felt Like A Son Hugging A Father’

William and Kate Middleton were visiting the Wheatley Group in Glasgow, which helps people who are at risk for homelessness, including Burns. The 66-year-old was briefly homeless after being evicted during a fight with his son. 

William and Burns got the chance to meet during the prince’s trip to Glasgow, and instead of the usual smile and handshake, William and Burns shared a sweet hug. “I am a grandfather. It felt like a son hugging a father,” Burns told the Daily Mail

“It was the way he hugged me,” he continued. “I didn’t expect that really, to be honest. It was a boost. I’ve never felt anything like it in my entire life before and my existence as a human being.”

Burns Says William Will Be A ‘Good King’

So, how did the hug come about? “I saw Kate and thought, that lady is wonderful,” Burns explained. “She is beautiful and clearly a beautiful person. I was standing with my wife when William came over to the crowd.”

“I decided to meet the chap and I went to shake the man’s hand when he asked my name,” he explained. “When I told him my name was William, he said, ‘My name is William too.’ I said, ‘I know that,’ and he laughed. He had his hand on my shoulder.”

“He had his hand on my shoulder and then hugged me,” Burns finished. “I was quite emotional. I was overjoyed.” Burns also praised the prince, saying he will make a “good king.” 

“He’ll do well for Britain,” Burns explained. “He will be a fantastic King and he will keep Scotland and Britain together.” The hug comes just after William broke another royal rule: no selfies. He took one with a lucky woman while on another royal visit.

William And Kate’s Wish To Modernize The Monarchy

This all seems to be part of William and Middleton’s plans to modernize the monarchy and make things more casual. It’s been reported that the couple wants to do away with things like curtsies and bows, and want to go by their names and not their titles. 

As the British monarchy moves forward, it makes sense that William and Middleton would want to try and update the rulebook. Many are looking to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to lead the royal family into the future. 

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