Machine Gun Kelly isn’t shying away from his Grammys Snub

Machine Gun Kelly isn't shying away from his Grammys Snub

A new list of Grammy nominations was announced on November 23. Jon Batiste was nominated 11 times, Justin Bieber, H.E.R. and DojaCat received eight nominations each, while Billie Eilish got seven and Olivia Rodrigo got seven. Despite having strong records this year, Drake, Bo Burnham, BTS and Halsey were all very under-nominated. Some, such as Miley Cyrus and Lorde, were completely left empty-handed.

Machine Gun Kelly expressed his disappointment via social media shortly after the nominations were announced. “wtf is wrong with the grammys,”He TweetThis was probably referring to his snub. Many fans supported him and said he deserved to be recognized. “Trust me. You deserve a Grammy but the Grammys don’t deserve you,”One fan . “You deserved that nomination for ttmd more then anything with it being a number one album, having a sold out tour with it, and for bringing back that entire genre,” Tweet another.

Machine Gun Kelly’s reaction was understandable considering the new album. “Tickets to My Downfall,”Billboard 200 chart’s top spot, MGK soared to the top. MGK has just won the American Music Award, Favorite Rock Act, despite not receiving a Grammy nomination. Fans vote a lot for the AMAs, and that is what really matters. As one of MGK’s Tweets said: “winning a fan voted award >>>”

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