Locals are preparing for another Halloween rush as they learn how the UK’s “most haunted” village came to be named.

A SMALL village, in Kent, has been labelled the UK’s Most Haunted Place.

The village has been called “pretty”, “picturesque”, but it is best known as an eerie hotspot.

Visitors can go to places like the screaming wood and fright corner


Visit the screaming corner, or the fright wood.Credit: Getty
The local church and its graveyard have been the sites of ghostly goings on


Ghostly happenings have occurred in the local graveyard and church.Credit: Getty
The Black Horse pub is also popular with the local ghost population


Black Horse is also a popular haunt for local ghostsCredit: Getty

Pluckley is a small town in Kent with fewer than 1000 residents. However, not all of these people are still living, as per reports.

Many local ghosts are known to frighten locals as well as visitors. These include the screaming woman, highwayman, elderly woman, schoolmaster, and others.

Even though haunted sites are no longer listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, the village’s reputation as a haunted place was recognized in 1989.

Haunted Rooms The paranormal experts drew some of their most prominent investigators to the area because there were believed to be over 10 ghosts in this region.

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According to their records, they wrote that the nearby area is home to between twelve and fourteen ghosts.

“Pluckley’s reputation as the most haunted village in England has drawn various paranormal television programs, as well as paranormal investigators for several years.”

The screaming man is probably the most well-known of these ghosts. It is thought to be the spirit of a bricklayer named Jay Smiths who once worked at the village.

Jay’s screams, according to legend can be heard even today when a wall of clay fell over him.

Ghosts aren’t just haunting their grave sites. Many of them also enjoy a good pint.

Black Horse pub is their venue, located in an old farmhouse from the 1470s.

The city is known “for its ghosts”, according to Pluckley.net.

The writer wrote, “One invisible ghost moves glasses and other items around the bar – they can disappear for days at a time.”

Many customers have seen or felt the presence of small children.

“This long history of happenings has been experienced by both the landlady & landlord, and customers throughout the pub’s rich history.”

London Walking Tours The village has a haunted path for those who want to take a walk through it. You can see the screaming forest, the frightening corner, and even the church.

It was written: “Pluckley, not only for its reputation of being England’s most haunted town but also as a picturesque and pretty place.

The walk is a chance for you to experience the beautiful countryside, and breathe in fresh air. This air has a lot of energy.

Travelodge UK listed Pluckley as one of their best Halloween ghost tours. Many people choose to go there at that spookiest of times of year. The story about the watercress women was also shared.

They wrote: If you’re looking for a more private ghost hunting experience, why not take a trip to the Most Haunted Village in Britain, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, 1989.

“Amongst Pluckley’s various ghostly tales and sightings is that of The Watercress Woman, who has been reported from numerous sources to have been seen sitting on Pinnock Bridge smoking her pipe.

The old woman in the village was known for collecting watercress and selling it. After drinking one night, it is said that she fell asleep while smoking her pipe. Within seconds she was consumed by flames.

For anyone brave enough to spend the night in Pluckley, the going rate in the area is around £60 per night for two. Camping pitches nearby offer cheaper alternatives.

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The UK will be getting Europe’s biggest “screampark” this fall.

Here’s how you can spend the night in one of the most haunted houses on earth.

The village appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989


In 1989, the village was included in Guinness Book of World Records.Credit: Getty

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