LIVE Update: Kelly Price is missing?

SINGER Kelly Price mysteriously disappeared and was reported missing on September 24, 2021, but she is now safe.

After a Covid diagnosis, the gospel singer vanished without anyone being aware.

LIVE Update: Kelly Price is missing?

Is Kelly Price missing?

After her family claimed that she had left the hospital where she was being treated for Covid, Kelly Price was declared an official missing person.

But a few days later Cobb County officials told Central Recorder that they were notified that “Kelly has returned”.

Authorities said: “She is with family but the investigation remains ongoing so we cannot provide further details at this time.”

Police told TMZ that they found “no evidence of foul play” though they were not able to pinpoint her whereabouts for some time.

Kelly Price: What have you said?

The singer shut down rumors of her being missing and explained that she had “turned off everything” including all “social media” while she was fighting the deadly virus.

She told TMZ that she was never missing and admitted that her relationship with her family is strained and she hasn’t seen her sister in a year.

She stated, “We have been in conflict for a long time.”

“I wasn’t missing. I was at my house, being examined by doctors. The house was empty of visitors.

“It’s really disappointing that things came to this but it is not true.”

The singer also shared her story of nearly dying while fighting Covid.

She said, “At some stage, they lost me.

“I woke up several days later. I remember a team of doctors standing by me, asking if it was the year.

“Going into the hospital I actually had Covid for over a week but my conditions were progressing in the wrong direction from home.”

Kelly explained that her temperature rose to 103 when her breathing became very shallow and her husband called an ambulance. Kelly was then forced to go to the hospital.

The rumor started because Kelly was unsure why.

LIVE Update: Kelly Price is missing?

She revealed that she tested positive for Covid in July and was still suffering from symptoms.

Kelly’s family confirmed to TMZ her admission in the ICU after Kelly’s condition worsened.

She presumably stayed in the hospital for three weeks with her family being “in touch” with her and her children visiting “several times.”

And according to her family, they suddenly received a “surprising” call informing them that she had been discharged.

Her worried family alerted the authorities as they said they were under the impression she was “still not fully healthy.”

Kelly Price ‘missing in Georgia after gospel singer secretly fled hospital’ following Covid diagnosis


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