Linda Evangelista Diagnosed with Breast Cancer twice within 5 years

Linda Evangelista The author opens up on her battle with private illness.

The supermodel, 58, recently shared that she was diagnosed with breast cancer twice in the past five years—first in December 2018 and then in July 2022.

“It was detected in my annual mammogram,” Evangelista told WSJ. Magazine She revealed her first diagnosis in an article published 5 September. Because the margins of her first diagnosis were poor, she decided on a bilateral mastectomies without hesitation. I believed that everything was going to be fine and my life would go on as usual. I thought that breast cancer would not kill me.

However, just a few years later she had a recurrence, with the fashion icon recalling feeling a lump on her chest in July 2022 and her surgical oncologist seeming unconcerned.

Still, Evangelista said she underwent an MRI just to be sure, with a biopsy then confirming that she had cancer in her pectoral muscle.

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