Life After Lockup Star Lisa McGraw Shows Off Her Makeover

Love After Lockup star Lisa McGraw is all about changing her life. She is also concerned about her physical appearance. She shared a dramatic new look via Instagram Stories earlier today. The former inmate looked nothing like what viewers are used to seeing on the spinoff, Life After Lockup. It looks like she is making positive changes. Love After Lockup Credit: YouTube

Viewers first met Lisa on the most recent season of the hit WEtv series. Stan, an older, wealthy man from Missouri, was her ex-boyfriend. Before she was sent to prison, the two had been in a relationship.

He was loyal throughout. Her beautiful blonde locks were evident when she entered prison. Lisa told Stan that she had ripped her hair out during a prison battle.

Stan bought her three different expensive hair wigs to make her feel better. After wearing one, she went to get extensions. Unfortunately, the stylist did not color Lisa’s dirty blonde super short pixie, so the weave was the source of many memes.

Stan was able to work with her. So that she could get her license back, he had paid off her parking tickets. He also bought her a car.

Love After Lockup Credit: Love After Lockup IG

Stan also gave her money for clothes. In the end, he said that he spent 25K on Lisa. He did estimate that he had spent 25K on Lisa. She was willing to leave her millionaire husband if he didn’t give her what she desired.

She would remind him that she had billionaires with whom she could be. She was also still talking to people, but she would be furious if he had female friends. It is impossible to predict how the remainder of LAL’s season will unfold, but it seems like Lisa is living the best life she can.

Lisa’s Transformation

The season is still going, but one thing is for sure- Lisa is living her best life. She seems to be away from Stan. Recently, she shared photos of herself with a new guy on social media. His name is Todd Michael. He also has a troubled history. His tattoos were appreciated by his followers, who liked how well they looked together. They couldn’t imagine her with a widower aged sixty-five.

Credit: Lisa McGraw Facebook

Physically, Lisa looks better than ever. She wore bleached blonde curls. Although it is not clear if these are extensions or a wig, it seems that the stylist did a great job. As she smiled, it was evident that she looked remarkably fit.

It appears she used the expensive workout clothes Stan’s money paid for. This may indicate she is now on the right path and will stay out of trouble.

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