Lauren Boebert’s Video with Rumored Boyfriend Banned from Theater

Video shows Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. being escorted from a meeting. Denver The weekend is a great time to see a movie.

Then, the ColoradoCongresswoman We decided to attend a musical performance “Beetlejuice,” which is based on the Tim Burton movie of the same name.

According to an article, a number of theatregoers were upset by the conduct of the female politician in the first act and her male partner. Buell Theater: An incident report The.

Boebert, her partner and allegedlyVapedAccording to an incident report, sung, recorded and “caused a disturbance” at the theatre.

According to the report, Boebert, her partner and themselves began recording again as soon as the second act started.

Boebert and her friend are asked to leave.

Boebert takes a while to get up, but eventually he and the other man do.

Next, she is seen on video exiting the auditorium to enter the lobby. In her low-cut and very tight minidress, she can be seen walking across the lobby with her rumored new boyfriend.

In the incident report it is reported that Boebert asked the man who was escorting the group out of the building: “Does anyone know me?” “I am a member of the board,” and I will contact the mayor.

Then she makes her way outside, with a male companion in tow. He is holding Boebert’s pocketbook as if he were a gentleman.

Boebert is seen in the video doing a little spin before she wakes up hand-inhand with her boyfriend who has been rumored to be dating Boebert. Daily Mail Quinn Gallagher is the person who identifies as such.

The incident report states that officers from the Denver Police Department stood in the lobby waiting to ensure Boebert, her friend and the other party had all left the premises after the incident.

Boebert’s response was to downplay the event on Twitter. He wrote “I plead innocent of laughing and sing too loud.”

This statement is also a joke: “Everyone must go to see [“Beetlejuice”]Please let me know the ending!”

The statement was also issued by her office. It read: “Congresswoman Boebert encourages all to see Beetlejuice at Buell until September 17, which features an amazing cast, incredible visuals and lots of laughs. But with a gentle warning to attendees to keep their cell phones out of the theatre.”

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