Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton went head to head in a legal quiz. This was the end

Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton met in a legal quiz. Hillary Clinton won with a score 11-4.

A clip from Clinton’s forthcoming Apple TV+ series Gutsy features a politician who has a Yale law degree. Kardashian competed with him in a legal knowledge quiz. Kardashian had to take four attempts in order to pass the California baby-bar exam.

Clinton was unsure about her position prior to the quiz.

“I think Kim has an unfair advantage,”In the episode, she spoke as follows: People, while Chelsea Clinton — her Gutsy collaborator and the quizmaster for the day— agreed and told her mom, “Kim has studied more recently than you.”

Clinton declared the moment was after losing to Kardashian “heartbreaking”And he blamed the loss. “reaction time”Press the buzzer to answer questions.

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“It was heartbreaking,”Clinton spoke People, While Chelsea was added “[Hillary] needs to work on her reaction time. Sometimes I could see my mom knew what the answer was, but she wouldn’t hit the buzzer in time,”Chelsea shared her thoughts with people.

Clinton did note that Kardashian’s performance was still impressive. “really intrigued”She said, “worked really hard to get that.”

When People The politician was asked if she would have let reality TV star and mogul win. She denied it.

The Clinton vulnerability moments include the showdown quiz defeat. GutsyThe upcoming series where Chelsea and Hillary speak with brave women. Learn about them and share your experiences.

Apple TV+ shared Tuesday’s trailer for its new show. This included a moment where Clinton spoke candidacy. Reflection on her marriageFollowing the Monica Lewinsky affair, Bill Clinton was elected President.

Rev. Whittney Ijanaten said that Hillary’s decision to remain married to her husband despite his scandal was her. “gutsiest”Decision, but also, “That doesn’t mean that’s right for everybody.”

Gutsy The premiere of the film will be on Apple TV+ on September 9,

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