Kate Hudson’s son just turned 18 and looks exactly like his famous father

Kate HudsonJust posted a photo of her grown-up boy RyderOn Instagram, he looks exactly like his father. Chris RobinsonThe Black Crowes’ lead singer is. The couple may no longer live together but they love their child. He looks exactly like his pops, even though he is not the same person. It is truly sweet to see Hudson’s love for her son.

Kate Hudson Celebrates Her Son’s Big Day

18 years ago, Hudson and Robinson welcomed Ryder, a boy. The love that the couple shared for their child hasn’t diminished even though they have split. Hudson uploaded a throwback clip of Ryder to celebrate Ryder’s one-eighth birthday.

First, you’ll notice how the family appears to be having fun and seeing amazing sights. Another thing you’ll notice is how normal everything looks.

Growing up in Hollywood can be difficult for young people and children. Ryder appears normal, adjusted, and loved which places him in a great spot to continue growing.

All grown up

Kate Hudson is obviously proud of her son. When surrounded by money and fame, it can be really easy to grow into some sort of rebellious troubled child, but Ryder didn’t subscribe to that way of living. Ryder’s life is now open to the rest of the world.

Hudson also made a funny side note in her post, pointing out that now that Hudson is 18 years old, her life is entirely his. She is clearly being playful, but there is also truth to this statement. This is the elite couple’s way of leaving your baby bird in the nest and praying it flies. Ryder seems to be doing well, thanks to his parents.

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