Justin Bieber’s posts on Wedding Anniversary are raising eyebrows

Justin Bieber's posts on Wedding Anniversary are raising eyebrows

Justin Bieber, who has not been shy about his relationship with God, took to Instagram on his third wedding anniversary with Hailey Beiber and shared some love — but it’s not what you think. Justin confused fans when he chose to praise his husband above all else, without even mentioning his wife.

Justin began by sharing two posts. The first: “I believe God is in control of every aspect of my life. I believe god loves me and that I’m always on his mind,”Amongst many other religious prompts. This post was captioned. “GOD HAS BEEN WITH US THIS WHOLE TIME”(Was Justin hacked to death by Kanye West?) The Second postHowever, It is reallyFans were thrown for a loop by the odd timing. “Jesus loves me. That’s as good as it gets,”Justin wrote. God: one, Hailey: zero. Sorry Ms. Baldwin. Biebs is fo’ real.

But, hours later and a virtual tongue-lashing by fans (one stating that he “humiliate[d]”Baldwin and “should be ashamed,”via Page SixJustin retraced his steps and shared the following: Black-and White PhotoWriting is the result of the two kissing. “Happy anniversary baby. Luv u k. To the moon.”A Real smooth criminal, Mr. Bieber. God: One, Hailey: One…for now.

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