John Wick 4: First Look At Keanu Reeves’ Return As The Title Assassin Is Finally Here

John Wick 4: First Look At Keanu Reeves’ Return As The Title Assassin Is Finally Here

You have to wait John Wick Chapter 4The wait has been longer than anticipated. While the original May 2021 release was originally scheduled, the next installment in the Keanu Reeves-led action movie series is now expected to be out in early 2019. Although there are still many questions about the 2023 movie, it is less than a decade away. Chapter 4’s arrival, a new goodie has dropped to boost the hype: our first look at Reeves’ return as John Wick.

The last time we saw Keanu Reeves in action as John Wick was in 2019’s John Wick: Chapter 3 — ParabellumThe film, which received great critical and commercial reception, is also the most successful entry in the series with its $327.3million worldwide gross. There is still much to be done before we can see the end result. John Wick Chapter 4 performs at the box office, but for now, take a look at the movie’s first official still, showing Reeves’ character looking contemplative in what looks like a religious setting.

Although Keanu Reynolds is in the promotional photo, John Wick Chapter 4It was on display at CinemaCon last year. The image above is straight from the production. How John ended up in this potentially sacred space, that’s hard to say, but he’s evidently taking some precious quiet moments to reflect while basking in the glow of these candles. Sadly, given how John’s life is going these days, it stands to reason he won’t be able to stay in that area for long, as he’ll soon need to go back to eliminating the people in the way of accomplishing his goals.

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