Jimmy Garoppolo’s Thirst Tweets: The best tweets available on Twitter

Jimmy Garoppolo, former 49ers football player Jimmy Garoppolo’s thirst traps has the Internet in a chokehold. These are some of the most popular thirst tweets currently on Twitter!

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Jimmy Garopollo smiles in football stadium wearing a suit and holding a raiders jersey.
Las Vegas Raiders

A touchdown in football may be cool, but it means little to us who aren’t sports fans. It’s the pro athletes who run up and down the field in those teenie-weenie tights that have our attention.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the latest NFL star to have internet users swooning. Jimmy began his career as a football player for the New England Patriots. He signed contracts with the 49ers and, most recently, Raiders.

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Jimmy is a social media sensation since he transitioned. The internet can’t seem to get over how hot he is and the thirst is real! The best Jimmy tweets are available on the Internet right now.

The best Jimmy Garoppolo tweets about thirst are available on Twitter right now.

It’s safe to say that Jimmy is everybody’s These thirst tweets are proof. In August 2023, an influx of Garappolo thirst traps surfaced on our timelines and the girlies aren’t mad about it. While their boyfriends may be different, it’s likely that they are!

Guys better watch out for Jimmy “Mr. Steal Your Girl” Garoppolo.

According to this guy, his girlfriend is Jimmy’s newest number-one fan. “My girlfriend just saw what Jimmy Garoppolo looked like for the first time and I swear I saw her soul leave her body,” @mikeystephens81 tweeted.

The thirst is *SO* real that we’re dehydrated.

We’d all like a piece of Jimmy Garoppolo, it’s OK to admit it. You can ask @GERALYNTHEGREAT — there’s no shame in her game. The user wrote on Twitter: “If Jimmy Garoppolo ever reads thirst tweets I want him to know that I am severely dehydrated.”

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Even football players are changing teams.

“In case anyone was wondering…I’m a Raiders fan now,” the Listen to the Sip List podcast Tweeted along with the TikTok version of Jimmy’s video. What can you do?

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Jimmy Garoppolo has broken or not the babe barometer.

“Jimmy Garoppolo has no d–n business being so d–n fine,” @VehementDaze We do not see any lies. It is hard to understand why he believed it was ok to look so good.

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Football isn’t Jimmy Garappolo’s true calling — thirst traps are.

@Molllllusk Jimmy has missed out on his calling. Jimmy should instead be putting thirst traps in the fields.

·“Jimmy Garoppolo shouldn’t be a football player he should be a chef making thirst trap pasta recipe TikToks,” they wrote.

Like it or not, it’s clear that Jimmy’s got the girlies in a chokehold.

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