Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Annoyed By Alex Rodriguez And Just Want Them To Be Left Alone!

Are you Jennifer Lopez and Ben AffleckGet fed up Alex Rodriguez?? One tabloid reports that Rodriguez is asking Rodriguez not to follow them around. Let’s take a look a the rumor.

Jennifer Lopez ‘Lost All Patience’Alex Rodriguez

The most recent edition Woman’s Day reports Jennifer Lopez is getting tired of ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez’s obsessive behavior and has called in her legal team to intervene. Lopez and Rodriguez ended their engagement 4 months ago before Lopez got back together with Ben Affleck. Ever since then, Rodriguez has made public comments about his and Lopez’s relationship and posted photos with the car he bought her. Rodriguez reportedly followed Lopez & Affleck on their trip to the French Riviera, but that was the end of it all.

An inside source dished, “It’s getting kind of creepy and it’s starting to anger Ben, who can be a bit jealous and insecure at the best of times,” Addition “After Monaco, she banned her kids from communicating with Alex’s girls, but it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference. Alex just won’t let go!”Lopez appeared to be furious when Rodriguez told him. ET? “I had five years of an incredible life and partnership and also with my daughters, we learned so much.”

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Annoyed By Alex Rodriguez And Just Want Them To Be Left Alone!

This is what the snitch says “He’s not supposed to talk about their relationship to the press without clearing it with her first,” Addition “That was the deal, but this will help her negotiate her way out of all the business deals she had with him — something she said she wouldn’t do when they split.” According to the report, Lopez and Rodriguez’s entangled businesses are looking messy, and it will be a fight for them both to get out unscathed.

But Lopez reportedly isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done so she can protect her finances and her relationship with Affleck. According to a source, Lopez is searching for mansions to live in while Affleck is looking for engagement rings. “They can’t wait to start their life together again and are determined to not make the same mistakes. But it’s not easy to start afresh when her ex-fiance keeps reminding everyone of just how quickly she and Ben are moving.”

Alex Rodriguez Won’t Let Jennifer Lopez ‘Move On In Peace’What?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, Lopez never forbade Rodriguez from speaking about her. Rodriguez’s comments were brief and respectful, and we doubt Lopez took any issue with them. A source close by the situation also told E! That was the case nothing suspicious about Rodriguez’s trip visit the French Riviera

Rodriguez and Lopez had planned the vacation while they were still married, according to the source. They decided to cancel their plans and go on separate vacations. Lopez and Affleck certainly weren’t angry about Rodriguez being nearby since they were fully aware of his plans.

And lastly, Affleck isn’t shopping for engagement rings. That story can be traced back to a sighting of Affleck at Tiffany’s, which a source was able to explain. Affleck’s family planned a mall scavenger hunt, and Affleck went into the store to look for an item. The engagement speculation has been dropped by most well-respected outlets.

So, given the tabloid’s complete disregard for important context, we wouldn’t trust anything it says about Rodriguez and Lopez’s alleged feud. There’s no evidence that Lopez is Rodriguez could be sued in any way given what we know, there is no reason not to. Both parties appear to be moving on with their lives, and they are doing fine.

The Tabloid on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

But this wouldn’t be the first time Woman’s Day Lopez and Affleck were wrong. The tabloid reported earlier this year that Affleck was planning to reunite with Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife. The magazine then reported that Lopez and Affleck had been married. “Bennifer” Reality TV is in the works. According to the outlet, Lopez and Affleck had been moving recently “full speed ahead” They were already writing prenups. It is obvious. Woman’s Day Their relationship is not revealed to them.

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