Jean Paul Belmondo French Iconic Actor known for ‘Breathless’ Passed Away at 88..

Jean-Paul Belmondo is a legendary French actor, best known for his role as Jean-Luc Godard in Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 crime drama. BreathlessAt the age of 88, he passed away. According to the New York times after a time of health problems, Belmondo died at his Paris home Monday. Variety Belmondo’s three children are also survived by him, including his son Paul Belmondo who was a renowned racecar driver.

Jean Paul Belmondo French Iconic Actor known for 'Breathless' Passed Away at 88..

Belmondo was a French citizen, born in Neuilly–sur-Seine, France on March 31, 1933. He was more interested than sports as a teenager and enjoyed a brief boxing career. After a while, he decided to pursue acting and studied drama for a few more years. Belmondo made his first stage appearance in 1953 and quickly moved into filmmaking. His first movie role came in the 1957 French comedy. On foot, on horseback, and on wheels. Belmond appeared in numerous short films and movies over the years. Shut up and be beautiful? Charlotte and her Boyfriend?, and An Angel on Wheels.

After landing, the role in BreathlessBelmondo’s film was a great success, and his career really took off. He would star in many motion pictures throughout his career, including Casino Royale(1967) Stavisky (1974). The Professional(1981) Hold on! (1985) and a 1995 version of Les Misérables. Belmondo was last seen in a film in 2009 when he starred as Francis Huster in a French drama. A man and his dog.

Jean Paul Belmondo French Iconic Actor known for 'Breathless' Passed Away at 88..

Many of Belmondo’s peers and fans took to social media to pay respects to the film legend. “This is a sad day for culture. A great actor and an icon of French and European cinema have left us,” Tweet actor Antonio Banderas. “Repose en paix Jean-Paul.”The Museum of Moving Image Statement added? “Saddened by the loss of the great Jean-Paul Belmondo, whose career included star-making work in the ’60s alongside Jean-Luc Godard and eventually some of Europe’s finest filmmakers.”

“I am utterly heartbroken at the news of Jean-Paul Belmondo’s passing, “Fan Tweeted. “He gave us so many iconic roles for decades and I’ll always remember him as the man who lived a thousand lives for his passion to do his own stunts. Rest in peace Bébel, Thank you for everything.”

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