Justin Timberlake Banned By Girlfriend Jessica Biel from Working With Him After Making Cheating Allegations!

Is it? Jessica Bielforbidding her husband Justin TimberlakeFrom the beginning, I have worked with you. Olivia Wilde? One magazine reports Biel doesn’t want Timberlake anywhere near his old flame after his most recent cheating scandal. Let’s take a look at the rumor.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel ‘At Odds’Are you a fan of Olivia Wilde?

It was January again Okay! reported Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s marriage had hit a rough patch. According to the outlet, Timberlake was seen in New Orleans snuggling up with Alisha Wainwright, his co-star. According to the article, Timberlake was interested in working with Olivia Wilde his ex-girlfriend. However, Biel was unsure. “a total no-no.”

Insiders are trustworthy “She’s always seen Olivia as a threat, and particularly now that she’s split from [fiance] Jason Sudeikis.” Then the source claims Biel isn’t going to stand for another incident like the one in New Orleans. “If Justin wants to play Russian roulette with his marriage again,” The tipper warns: “he’d better be ready for the consequences.”

Justin Timberlake Banned By Girlfriend Jessica Biel from Working With Him After Making Cheating Allegations!

Justin Timberlake ‘Eager’Do You Want to Work with Olivia Wilde

One question for the tabloid: On what exactly would Timberlake be working? It seems like this article pulled Wilde’s name out of a hat filled with Timberlake’s exes. Timberlake and Wilde haven’t been connected in years, and we doubt Timberlake is seeking Wilde for seemingly no reason other than to make his wife worry.

Wilde is also well-known. After splitting from Sudeikis Wilde began her well-publicized affair with Harry Styles. According to what we can see, Wilde and Styles are starting to get serious. Even if Timberlake and Wilde were working together — which they’re not — we seriously doubt Biel would have anything to worry about on Wilde’s end.

It’s now been nine months since this story was published, and not a single reputable source has backed up its story. This was obviously a lazy attempt to milk more drama from Timberlake’s flirty slip-up in New Orleans. In reality, the incident seems to have only made Timberlake and Biel’s relationship stronger.

The Tabloid on Justin Timberlake

This isn’t the first time we’ve caught OK! You lie about the “Cry Me A River” crooner. The outlet reported that Timberlake had secretly called Britney Spears in 2017 when it was first published. The magazine reported that Timberlake was with Biel. “back on track” After almost divorcing. Biel, according to the tabloid, was preventing her husband from going on his own outings. It was obvious. OK! has no insight into Justin Timberlake’s marriage.

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