Jake Gyllenhaal Puts Shade(s) On Taylor Swift Drama

Jake Gyllenhaal Puts Shade(s) On Taylor Swift Drama

Taylor Swift was born two months ago Re-released her second album from sixYou will receive new recordings Scooter Braun’s sale of her masters. The album was RedThis was originally released in 2012, following reports that Swift had been involved in a brief romance with Jake Gyllenhaal. Of course, it was when Red (Taylor’s Version)It was released, and there was a Rekindled interest in the love affairs of the exes. Gyllenhaal may be doing some shade-throwing in the latest development. 

The actor, critically acclaimed, recently took part in a photoshoot W MagazineIn a red button-up shirt, he wears sunglasses that look frighteningly like the pair Taylor Swift wore in her. Red era. It’s worth a look: 

In the music video, Taylor Swift wore red heart sunglasses. “22,”Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal 2022, trying to achieve a similar look. Perhaps it’s a nod at his famous ex. It could be, but it’s possible. Initial captions were even made by the magazine for the photo. “Red (Jake’s Version)”Before changing it. The caption was met with a lot of laughter by fans who said things like “Whoever wrote that caption deserves a raise,” “The caption lmao y’all playing a dangerous game” “Are y’all sure about that caption.”Since then, the publication has retracted with a completely new one. 

Taylor Swift is famous for using a variety of hints throughout her career. RedJake Gyllenhaal should be referred to. In the title track, she states: “Just twin fire signs, four blue eyes,”Which points out that Swift and Gyllenhaal both have the fire sign Sagittarius on Zodiac, and the same eyes. 

The fan-favorite tune is perhaps the most famous. “All Too Well” is said to be about the actor as well, which many fans consider to be among Taylor Swift’s best work. With the release Red (Taylor’s Version)The singer The song was also released in a 10-minute versionWhere lyrics have taken fans further Jake Gyllenhaal can provide more clues

In one example, she says in a lyric: “Sipping coffee like you’re on a late night show,”She sings, despite being on many stages. “You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine and that made me want to die,”It could have been a reference to the nine year age gap. It’s a heartbreaking song, and due to the connection, Jake Gyllenhaal can find himself under the bus for many Swiftie fans. 

It’s been ten years since RedWas originally released. There are no grudges between Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, as they both enjoy the music. Their happy and healthy relationships. Gyllenhaal makes a great editorial choice by choosing to pose in it RedAfter the recent attention, you can dress for a photoshoot. Is this a nod? We’ll let you decide. 

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