Jacob Rees Mogg states that he wants Boris to remain PM for another 19 years


Jacob Rees Mogg has publicly supported Boris Johnson to continue as prime minister. “a big man who is willing to apologise”We are sorry for our mistakes.

Comments by the Brexit opportunities minister come after prime minister was confronted with resignations from Rishi Sunak, health secretary Sajid javid and chancellor.

Rees-Mogg, who was appearing on Sky News’s Sky News, was asked if Johnson would be the prime minister at the end of this year. He said: “I’m going for Robert Walpole. Walpole did 21 years, and I’d like to see the Prime Minister do better than Walpole.”

He said that the mood of the prime minister is “business as usual, he has got a job to do”This is a way of downplaying the new party crisis, and suggesting that “losing chancellors is something that happens”.

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Rees Mogg spoke out after the resignations by the chancellor, the health secretary and the minister of finance. “18th-century”View of the cabinet government.

He claimed that the prime Minister appoints cabinet minsters and is “not someone who is brought down by cabinet ministers”.

“He relies on being able to command a majority in the House of Commons. That is different,”He stated.

“The prime minister is winning votes in the House of Commons, and that is fundamental,”He stated.

On Sunak’s resignation, he appeared to suggest it was unrelated to the recent controversy: “I think a Government works best when it has a Chancellor and a Prime Minister who work hand in glove.”

He stated that it seemed to be “fraying at the edges”.

He also added: “The Prime Minister won a large mandate in a general election, a vote of the British people, and that should not be taken away from him because a number of people resign.”

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