It is possible to organize your home in a much shorter time than you might think.

CLEANING expert JEAN HOUSE has shared her top tip on decluttering your house. 

According to her, this makes it easier and more efficient for you to sort through your stuff. 

An organization expert is hoping to help people be more efficient when it comes to sorting through their stuff


An expert in organization management is trying to make it easier for people to sort through their stuff more efficientlyCredit: TikTok
She says her trick will make the process much easier


She claims that her trick will make it easier.Credit: TikTok

She said that you should only bring one item with you when you are going through your belongings. It is a declutter sack.

“It’s basically like a cleaning caddy except it has all the things you need to declutter: garbage bags, Post-It notes, labels, label makers, cleaning supplies,”She explained the process in a VideoShe also shared it online.

“Why is this so important? Well, it actually helps you because you can focus on decluttering instead of finding things that you need,”She went on. 

“After you clean out your drawer, you have cleaning supplies right there.

“Putting items back into a shelf? You have your label maker at hand.”

And if you simply have too much stuff to be able to reorganize it and you need to actually get rid of items, there’s a hack for that, too. 

An expert in cleaning taught her followers the 3-second rule for purging items. 

She stated that in just three seconds, you can decide whether you want to keep an item or throw it away.

If you stop, you are most likely to want it to continue. 

“This works so well because when you have that time crunch you’re making decisions from your gut and you’re not giving your brain time to tell you all the reasons why you have to keep it,”She explained.

Although she used the example of cleaning out your closet, this rule can be applied in any room of your home. 

The woman says bringing a declutter caddy with you is 'the best' way to organize your home


The woman suggests that bringing a clutter caddy along is the best way of organizing your home.Credit: TikTok

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