Is Applesauce Good For You?

Is Applesauce Good For You?

Applesauce is a fruit-based product that has similar health benefits to applesauce. According to HealthlineApplesauce is generally low in calories, fat and salt. Applesauce may contain some fiber, vitamins and minerals depending on how it was made, the type of apples used and whether the peels were added to the mix. For example, applesauce with peels will contain more fiber. Experts also believe apple peels contain high amounts of antioxidants. AdditionalApplesauce is perhaps best known as the A of the BRAT diet (bananas. rice. applesauce. toast), which is a home remedy Americans use to relieve upset stomachs.

Applesauce is not as healthy as eating apples, but health experts recommend that applesauce be included in a balanced diet. Healthline experts recommend that you pay attention to labels when looking for the best applesauce. They should have low or no added sugar and high levels of vitamin C.

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