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PADDY and Christine McGuinness have a stunning seven-bedroom home that showcases their television success.

The Top Gear presenter and The Games star share the £2.1million home with their three children – and will continue to do so, after their marriage split.

 Christine McGuinness has sadly split from husband Paddy - but the pair will continue to share their Cheshire mansion
Christine McGuinness and Paddy McGuinness have split. However, the couple will continue to live in their Cheshire home.Credit: ITV
 Christine and Paddy will remain a 'loving family' in the same home


Christine and Paddy will be a loving family in the same house.Credit: Getty
 Christine poses in the pair's stunning bedroom with neutral tones


Christine poses in their stunning bedroom, which is neutrally coloured.

Paddy, 48, presents the BBC motoring programme alongside Chris Harris and Freddie Flintoff.

After Matt LeBlanc, Friends star, quit the show’s driver’s seat, the trio assumed hosting duties.

Christine, 34, and Paddy said they aimed to be the “best parents they could be” following their separation as they co-parent their  three children – twins Leo and Penelope, eight, and Felicity, five.

They stated in their statement that the Cheshire mansion would remain their family’s home. “We’ll always be a loving family, we still have a great relationship and still live happily in our family home together.”

 Christine McGuinness uses their sprawling mansion as a back drop for her home photo shoots


Christine McGuinness uses their large mansion for backdrops in her home photo shoots

Located in rural Cheshire, the house was a sanctuary for the pair during the coronavirus pandemic and they filmed fun TikToks  both inside and out, in between looking after their autistic children.

Christine spoke out about her family’s struggle during lockdown.

According to her, the disruption in her children’s routines has caused them to go back approximately two years.

The couple share twins Leo (age six) and Felicity (age three). They have been full-time caregivers for the trio.

But despite the difficulties,  at the time, it brought them closer together.

 The interiors are a classy grey with chiffon curtains and fluffy carpets


The interiors feature a greyish tone with chiffon curtains, fluffy carpets and chiffon curtains.
 Paddy McGuinness relaxes in a paddling pool in his garden
Paddy McGuinness enjoys a relaxing time in his paddling pool.
 Christine works out in the living room
Christine works in the living-room
 The home is the perfect balance of stylish and family friendly
The perfect combination of family-friendly and stylish, the home is the ideal balance
 The kids have plenty of toys
There are many toys for kids
 Christine prepares her healthy dinners in the kitchen
Christine makes healthy meals in the kitchen
 Christine poses in a bikini on the couple's balcony, which overlooks the couple's huge garden


Christine is seen wearing a bikini while sitting on the balcony overlooking the huge garden.
 The back garden is large with a play area for the children


The large back yard has a play area and is ideal for children.

She said: “The things we used to bicker about was mainly how much he would be away from home or if I wanted to work and couldn’t because he was away, it was like little things whereas now we’re both stay at home parents.

“We’re both doing the same amount of cooking, cleaning, childcare, bedtimes, so there’s nothing really to argue about. But don’t get me wrong, I want him to go back to work!”

After Paddy and his wife moved from Bolton, they rented a house in Prestbury.

The bathroom is tiled in stone and features a waterfall-style shower head.

 Christine perches in a pristine bathroom


Christine sits in a clean bathroom
 The couple's home oozes class


The home of the couple exudes class
 The private garden is perfect for stripping off


You can also use the private garden for your personal grooming needs

They haven’t neglected the outside, as Paddy filmed the lush garden with large wooden play equipment, and a patio.

They feature double doors and a balcony with views of their large yard and thick trees. This gives them privacy.

Due to their passion for fitness, the star has taken the gym to the extreme.

Christine took selfies of the master bedroom, which fans can view thanks to her photos. It features a plush carpet and fluffy rug, as well as natural light from lots of open space.

 Paddy often films news updates in the stone clad shower


Paddy frequently films news updates in the stone-clad shower.
 The bedroom is light and airy with plenty of space


The bedroom is spacious and light with ample space.
 Both Paddy and Christine spend lots of time in their home gym


Christine and Paddy both spend a lot time at home in the gym.

The furniture has not been disclosed, but the bed features a grey velvet headboard similar to the one they had previously in Bolton.

Lucky children have their own playroom with paintings and toys to contrast the neutral walls and dark carpet.

Christine’s bikini photos also show that the couple has a large pool on one side of their property with various animal floats.

Christine’s large white wardrobe features in many of the couple’s snaps.

 Their living room is full of toys and kids' TV


Their living room is filled toys and kids’ televisions

The couple hasn’t shared photos of their living room but Paddy can often be seen on the brown leather sofa cuddling up with fluffy cushions after a workout.

Paddy, a man who loves quiet nights in with his family, finds this space ideal for his family to chill in.

Paddy McGuinness tells Christine that Christine wants more children, but he doesn’t want to have any with Loose Women

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