Incredible moment: Boeing 747’s smoking part hurls towards runway after takeoff.

This is what happened to a Boeing 747 as it took off in dramatic fashion and went up in flames.

Footage shows that the wheel appears to catch fire as the aircraft launches it off, before hurtling towards a runway.

The wheel caught fire and shot off the plane


The wheel caught fire, and the plane was blown off its axis.Credit: Twitter/@aero_in
It was reportedly found in a nearby forest


According to reports, it was found in a forest nearbyCredit: Twitter/@aero_in

Yesterday’s clip shows the part flying through the air in a flash before disappearing from the shot.

Post the event TwitterThey said: “Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter has one of its tyres on fire and loses its wheel after take off.”

The undercarriage can be seen emitting black smoke as the wheel falls off.

The plane is seen hitting the ground, and then bouncing below it.

It was reported that the missing piece was located outside the airport.

The same Twitter user also posted an image of the wheel, apparently in a forest surrounded by leaves.

Another user was amused and asked whether the plane still needed the wheel.

Amazingly, there were no visible effects on the take-off.

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Others also shared their hopes for the aircraft. “land safely when the time comes”.

It was a good thing that the plane touched down in North Carolina at 7:45 PM UK time yesterday.

It happened after a Russian fighter-jet exploded in flames during takeoff last month.

According to reports, the SU-25 plane was taking off from annexed territory of Ukraine but crashed in a fireball within seconds.

In an even more bizarre situation, a passenger airplane was forced to take evasive actions in July after a large balloon flew into its path.

Qatar Airways flew to avoid the obstruction, but it landed safely.

Black smoke came out from the undercarriage but the plane was able to land safely in North Carolina


Although black smoke was visible from the undercarriage, the plane was able land safely in North Carolina.Credit: Twitter/@aero_in

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