In India, Hindu devotees walk over hot Embers during a ceremony to honor Hindu God Ayyappa

It’s a ritual for the truly devoted. Hindus from India recently attended a ceremony to please the god Ayyappa, by walking on hot embers. 

In the south, Lord Ayyappa worships most. 

Ayyappa is the son of the mythical Mohini and Lord Shiva. His parents abandoned him at the banks of a river. He was adopted by a childless King after being considered a gift from Gods. 

There are strict rules for receiving Ayyappa’s blessings, including 41 days of penance. 

The ritual involved dipping your hands in hot oil, walking on fiery embers, and praying to God. 

It’s an ancient practice that has survived to this day, proving one’s burning devotion to their faith. 

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