In 5 Easy Steps, How to Brown Butter at home

Although many home cooks and chefs already praise the benefits of butter cooking, there are ways to improve on it. Brown butter is the delicious, toasty version of butter. 

“Brown butter is truly a wonder ingredient, and even when used in small amounts can have a huge impact on a dish,”Chef, author and Food Network Kitchen instructor Virginia Willis

It’s often called “French cooking” in classic French cuisine. “beurre noisette,”Referring to its color and hazelnutty flavour. It is made from butter that has been melted on low heat to evaporate most of its water and turn brown the milk proteins.

The result is a golden brown liquid which has a rich flavor that rivals butter, such as toasty notes like caramel and toffee. “The resulting flavor is phenomenal and can magically transform nearly any dish, savory or sweet,” says Willis. 

You can substitute brown butter in nearly any recipe that calls for regular butter, from shortbread to mashed potatoes — brown butter is easy to whip up at home following a few quick steps.

How to use brown butter

  • Pasta: For a delicious savory sauce, add a few fresh rosemary leaves to the butter and brown it. This will go well with butternut ravioli or pumpkin-gnocchi.
  • Vegetables:Brown butter can be drizzled over green beans or carrots to make a gourmet side dish.
  • Cookies: Brown butter can be used in place of regular butter to add richness, depth, or nuttiness. 
  • Fish:Use brown butter and a squeeze lemon to make a quick sauce for white fish.
  • Popcorn: For a unique snack, coat popcorn with a little brown butter.

Insider’s takeaway

Brown butter is a transformational ingredient that gives a variety of recipes a caramelized richness. It is made by slowly cooking butter of high quality to a beautiful golden color. This simple technique can be used in many ways to enhance the flavor and complexity of a recipe. This recipe is easy to make with a saucepan and high-quality butter. It takes only a few minutes. “liquid gold.”

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