I’m challenging myself to survive 60 days and beat record time spent on world’s loneliest island

AN adventurer has started his bid to spend a record time on the world’s loneliest island by “DJing” to radio hams.

Cam Cameron aims to survive 60 days on windswept Rockall — 15 more than the most so far.

Adventurer Chris Cameron has landed on Rockall in a bid to break the world record for the longest stay there


Chris Cameron, an adventurer from the UK, has arrived on Rockall to attempt to set a new world record.Credit: PA
Rockall is a remote uninhabited North Atlantic rock in the Outer Hebredies


Rockall in Outer Hebredies, is an uninhabited North Atlantic Rock.Press Association Credit

Only a few of the 110 people who have landed there over 200 years ago, survived more than one night.

It is an island 230 mile west of Outer Hebrides, 100ft in width and 70ft tall. In 2000 it was pounded with 95ft sea waves.

The former soldier Cam lives in an 11 ft by 4-ft pod.

The marine scientist arrived by boat on an island five days earlier with two buddies who stayed for two nights in order to broadcast live from the island.

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He hopes to raise £50,000 for Armed Forces charities with his stay.

Cam said: “Lockdowns made me feel remote, isolated and alone.

“It got me thinking, ‘Can I challenge myself further and do some good?’ Rockall popped up.”

Former soldier Chris hopes to raise funds for armed forces charities


Chris, an ex-soldier, wants to raise money for military charitiesCredit: PA

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