I’m an ear specialist – never use ear buds… use these safe cleaning tricks instead

Although it can be enjoyable to remove waxy ear buds and clean them, an expert warns that this could be dangerous.

Ear wax does not signify that you are dirty or unclean. It is entirely natural.

Using a cotton bud to clear your ears could be dangerous, but there are other ways you can get rid of the wax


You should not use a cottonbud to clean your ears. There are other methods that can be used.Credit: Getty Images – Contributor

It’s made by the cells of your outer ear, ear canal, and contains natural oily substances from the sebaceous.

When you clean your ears with a cotton bud, the natural oil is mixed with dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells.

Because it acts as a barricade, ear wax can protect your ear canal from viruses and other harmful bacteria.

Most people’s ears clean naturally so there is little you can do.

If your ears are feeling full or if there is a buildup of wax, then you may need to clean them.

Jerry Lin, University of Louisville ear, nose and throat specialist, said that you may need to see a doctor from time to time, but there are many things you can do at your home.

He explained that you can pick out a small amount of wax from the front, but it’s not a good idea to stick a cotton bud there.

He explained: “Q-Tips are a bad idea.”They occupy a large portion of the canal’s diameter.

“Therefore, using them packs the wax deeper into the ear canal. In the worst-case scenario, the wax could be packed against the eardrum and possibly even create an eardrum perforation.”

He warned against trends like “Ear Candling”, which involves dropping hot wax directly into your ear.

Lin suggested that ear drops could be used to treat your waxy ears.

These liquid solutions help to thin and soften the wax in the ears, which causes it to break down and leave the ear.

Ear drops are available in pharmacies. They are typically sold under the brands Otex and Otosan.

Always read the label before you take any medication. You need to know how many drops to use.

Talk to InsiderLin stated that the drops usually work right away, but it may take several attempts to remove stubborn wax.

A previous study. Published in 2018The use of ear drops for five consecutive days was more likely to clear the wax than not using any at all.


A second way to clean your ears is by using something you already have in your kitchen cupboards.

Lin suggested that baking soda solutions could be helpful. It’s easy to make and can be used for up to two weeks.

You just need to dissolve half a teaspoon baking soda in water, and then use a dropper or dispenser to tip it into.

Now tilt your head so that you can drop five to ten drops of solution into each ear.

After approximately an hour, the wax should have melted. You can then rinse the ears with warm water by filling a rubber tube with warm water.

When is it best to remove ear wax

Although some people enjoy cleaning their ears, experts state that you don’t really need to. Nature will naturally take its course.

If the wax is too thick, there are signs you should be aware of.

According to the NHS, if you have hearing loss, you might need to clean your ears.

Earache, ringing or buzzing in the ears, or feeling like your ears are blocked (tinnitus) are other symptoms.

If there is a buildup of wax in the ears, some people may feel dizzy or sick (vertigo).

If your symptoms don’t improve within five days, you should consult a professional.

To let the water out, tip your head over to the side after you’re done.

You can dry your ear with an earbud wipe or a towel once daily until it becomes clear.

You can also try natural remedies for clearing your ears like oil. However, make sure it’s not baby oil, mineral oils, or olive oil.

You can use these to soften or remove ear wax. Again, you will need to use a dropper to put it in your ear.

Let the wax soften for a day, and then rinse the wax with warm water.

After you have taken out the water, you will need to dry it.

According to a cleaning expert, this recipe will produce the perfect product that cleans and keeps your home fresh.

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