I’m a flight attendant. This is a very common mistake that causes us to be furious.

A FLIGHT attendant revealed the most common mistake that passengers make, which left them furious.

Two cabin crew members took part in one of the scenarios shared by TikTok aboard an airplane. “problems”They are confronted every day.

In a video shared to TikTok onboard an aircraft, cabin crew members acted out a 'problem' they face daily


In a TikTok video, cabin crew members act out a problem they have every day in an exercise that was shown onboard an airplaneCredit: TikTok/@allycase1
Flight attendants admit this one thing annoys them


This is what flight attendants say annoys ’em.Credit: TikTok/@allycase1
With hundreds of flights taking off daily and some lasting 12 hours, every passenger will need use the bathroom at some point


Every passenger will use the toilet at one time or another, with hundreds of flights departing daily.Credit: TikTok/@allycase1

Although it isn’t clear for which aircraft they fly, the two couldn’t help but laugh at something so simple.

There are hundreds of flights every day, some lasting for 12 hours. Every passenger will eventually need to use the restroom.

The doors, however, seem to be able to grab people out.

@allycase1 asked her flight attendant colleague to ask: “Excuse me is this the bathroom?”

Woman reveals how to win ‘seat recline war’ on flights after passenger fight
I'm a flight attendant - we have favourites who we'd save first in emergencies

He replied: “Oh yeah it’s just right there. Yep that’s it right there.”

As the “passenger” seemed to be having trouble opening the door, the flight attendant replied: “Yep just push.”

The video lasted around one minute and the host repeated himself repeatedly. “just push”.

Many people seem to be confused by the door, which says ‘push’.

One user commented in the thousands: “I know how it works, but I still can’t get it to work when I get there! The anxiety is real!”

Yet another: “I remember the first time I used it, same scenario.”

The reclining of plane seat is another thing that bothers people, mainly passengers.

One woman however, revealed her secrets. “won the seat reclining war”.

After a flight attendant confessed that they had favourites on board and knew who they would save the most, it was a sign of their dismay.

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