I’m a doctor – here are three big mistakes you’re making when flying that cause neck and back pain


DOCTORS revealed the most common mistakes passengers make while flying, which could cause back and neck pain.

There are ways to avoid it. They’ve shared their top tips.

There are three big mistakes you are making when travelling which is causing neck and back pain, according to doctors


Doctors say there are three mistakes that can lead to neck and back pain when you travel.Credit: Getty

They began with luggage and explained that it could make all the difference.

Speak to the New York TimesDr Kennedy, a rehabilitation and physical medicine physician, said that wheels are better for your spine that bags that must be carried by hand.

Because they are easier to transport, cases with four wheels work better than those with just two. “requires less effort”.

He recommends that you use airport trolleys to push your suitcases around, if at all possible.

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Bags are a great option for those who feel the need to carry a bag.

Ms Louw, a physical therapist added that “both straps are necessary to evenly distribute the weight.”

“Backpacks should hang evenly in the middle of the back — not down against the low back — and that straps should be adjusted to make it easy to take the backpack on and off.”

Second, keep moving during flights. They recommend standing up at least once an hour to keep your back from getting stiff.

Dr Kennedy suggests setting alarms to remind you if you’re forgetful or drinking lots of fluids to make it easier to get up and use the bathroom.

Ms Louw said: “Movement is essential to keep blood flowing to your muscles and joints to help prevent stiffness and pain.”

The doctors suggest that you sit upright or slightly recline your spine to maintain its best position.

Dr Venesy, spine physician, recommends that you roll up a jumper and place it behind your lower back.

Staring at screens that are not directly in front of your eyes can cause you to have difficulty sitting upright.

There are devices that can raise your screen or make it more visible, and you can even create one from your plane sick bag.

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Another expert on travel has shared how she can sleep comfortably while flying.

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Sitting upright can help prevent back and neck pain on flights


On flights, sitting upright can reduce neck and back pain.Credit: Alamy


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