I’m a 60-year-old grandma – people expect me to wear comfy cardigans but I slay in rompers and heels, that’s how I roll

Fashionistas in their 60s have shown that they can still be stylish and frank.

She told me that most people think she should wear cardigans and heels, but in fact prefers rompers.

Jacqueline Hooton is a fit 60-year-old grandma with a great sense of style


Jacqueline Hooton has a style that is unmatched for a grandma of 60 years./hergardengym
People expect her to wear comfy cardigans, but that's not how she roles


She doesn’t wear cardigans./hergardengym

Jacqueline Hooton, fitness enthusiast (@hergardengymWomen in their 50s, 60s, and beyond can get fit and strong by following the advice of.

Then, you can get in touch with us. The Instagram ReelShe displayed her style while making an age-hating statement.

The video begins with her wearing a robe made of blue, purple and pink patches, olive green sweatpants and UGGs.

She had her hair pulled back and her reading glasses perched on the nose.

While holding a pair silver high-heeled heels, she announced that she was a mom of five and had three grandchildren.

She also wrote about her efforts to promote the health benefits of exercising and challenge negative stereotypes associated with aging.

Jacqueline has brushed her gray hair out and styled the shoes in a graphic print and colorful romper.

Some people find this offensive. In a sub-title, she said: “My attitude.”

When the video was over, she strutted off and took a pose.

“YES QUEEEENNN. That’s the spirit!! She has her own unique style! She doesn’t look her age at all because aging is just soooo underrated!! We don’t need to look like this or that,” a viewer commented.

It’s amazing! I’m 30 and I don’t have those legs,” another chimed in.

You slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. THESE LEGS. UGH. LOVE that for you,” one fan said.

She likes to stand out and slay in rompers and heels


In rompers, she loves to be the center of attention./hergardengym

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