I will never do the Keto Diet any more, even though it cost me 120 Pounds to lose.

  • Two years ago I lost over 120 pounds following the keto diet. But I won’t be doing it again. 
  • I have recently gained weight, and am trying lose it. 
  • Keto is not for me. It’s bad for my cholesterol, restrictive and too restrictive. 

Following the diet helped me lose more than 120 pounds in just two years.

keto diet

Going to the gym five to six times a week. 

With the

ketogenic diet

To feel satisfied, I reduced carbohydrate intake and ate more high-fat foods. Keto was a great combination with my intense cardio trainings.

lose weight


My attitude towards the diet has changed. I will not be following it as I attempt to lose weight after having gained nearly half the weight that I lost in the last year. 

Here are the reasons I am ditching keto, even though it worked.

I felt terrible after eating a keto diet. It involved a lot of fat.

The keto diet is a way to cut carbohydrate intake and replace them with fat and proteins. A keto diet would consist of 75% fat and 20% protein with 5% carbs. 

While the diet doesn’t require you to consume lots of fat, it does mean that you will need to be able to maintain a certain caloric intake while not feeling hungry.

There were many fat options, including olive oil, avocados, red meats, butter, butter, ghee and animal fats that are used for frying or basting. You can find any source of fat.

Many people who follow the keto diet swear that they can eat huge steaks, fried in butter, and bacon every day while losing weight. I felt very limited and blah due to all the fat. 

steak and asparagus

I became sick of eating so much meat.

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The diet made me more mindful about my food choices than I was before. 

The majority of the most popular ways to eat require some degree of preparation.


However, the restrictive keto diet can sometimes feel unbearable. This was especially true when you were dining with friends or out.

It was common for me to eat only eggs, salads, and a large plate of meats and vegetables with little variety. It became irritating. I was tired of all the options and it made me feel unsatisfied with my food. However, they were gracious enough to not say so.

scrambled eggs

The keto diet felt monotonous.

Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Despite my weight loss, my long-term health began to concern me.

My cholesterol levels rose after a few months of the keto diet.

After I had started following the diet, I did a blood test to determine my low-density cholesterol levels.Also known as the “bad”Cholesterol() by a large margin. This is a concern at 35.

Even though many people are keto-friendly, Your cholesterol may be fallingAlthough cutting down on processed carbs can help, that was not my experience. My body was not able to adjust to keto living. 

To help me lose weight, I am counting macros. 

To lose weight, I am not following the keto diet. I have been counting macros instead. 

Counting macros is simply adding up the grams of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that you eat each day. While some people prefer to have lower carbs in order to consume more fats, my preference is for higher carbs and lower calories.

It takes a lot of work to track macros, and it’s not for everyone. People at highest risk for developing disordered eating patterns. This way of eating allows me to focus on a high-protein goal, and then fill the rest of my daily calories with any percentage of carbs or fats that I choose. 

Macro counting gives me more options and freedom than keto with its strict restrictions. My calorie goals are not a problem and I am allowed to eat any food that is acceptable. 

While I am still working on losing my keto mindset, I know I won’t return to such a strict lifestyle. 

While I try to eat enough protein each day, I don’t spiral if my spouse wants to share a small pizza with me or I’m desperate for a McFlurry from McDonald’s.

I am still working on getting out of the keto mindset where carbs are evil to avoid at all costs. But it is good to know that I can order any meal I want, as long I keep track and plan around it.

It gives me a sense of freedom that I couldn’t get with keto. And it makes my life much easier. It’s working so far to help me lose weight — I only wish I’d tried it sooner. 

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