I let my six-month-old baby be nocturnal, I won’t force him to sleep no matter what trolls say

A MUM has revealed that she’s staying up all night because her baby is nocturnal and she refuses to force him to sleep at night.

Mum and Influencer Alice Bender, 22, from Arizona, has gone viral several times for her unique parenting style: she has said she thinks baby formula should be illegal,  she refuses to put sunscreen on her baby, and she lets her child eat sand.

Alice Bender revealed that her son Fern is now nocturnal


Alice Bender revealed that Fern, her child, is now nocturnalCredit: Tiktok/@ alicellani
The mum now adapts her sleep schedule to suit Fern


Fern’s sleep pattern is now adapted by the mum.Credit: Tiktok/@ alicellani

Alice is once more agitated after admitting she won’t create a schedule for Fern’s sleep.

Speaking in a recent video, Alice explains: “Instead of forcing him to follow my sleep schedule, I go along with his.

“He used to sleep at night but lately it’s been during the day and that’s fine.

“It’s not possible to force someone who doesn’t want to sleep to sleep.”

Many parents shared their opinions on her video, and many encouraged her to get into a routine.

Commenting on one: “A night time sleep routine/ schedule helps babies learn how to regulate sleep which is essential for development.”

“What are you going to do when they go to school?”A third person wrote while the first one was being questioned. “This is abuse.”

However, others stood up for the mum.

One wrote: “Baby looks healthy and happy and clean.”

“Mums have the rights to make their own parenting choices,”Another person added another. “As long as your baby is getting the amount of sleep he needs that’s all that matters.”

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