How to make the Dalgona Cookies from Squid Game?

How to make the Dalgona Cookies from Squid Game?If you’re just as obsessed with Squid Game as the rest of the world right now, then you’re bound to want to know how to make the iconic Dalgona cookies.

The Netflix series follows a group of contestants who are competing to win a money prize. They have to play children’s games to decide the winner.

It is a life or death situation, and there is a particular sequence involving Dalgona cookies which had everyone on the edge of their seats.

How to make Dalgona cookies from Squid Game

  • Heat sugar over a cooker until it begins to caramelize
  • Add some baking soda to the sugar and stir
  • Pour into circles on a baking sheet and flatten down with a spatula
  • Press your shape into the circles using a mold of your choice
  • Leave the cookies to harden
  • Enjoy the cookies, Squid Game style!

Cooking with Lynja makes Squid Game cookies.

Everyone’s favorite TikTok cooking account is, of course Lynja. If you’re looking for simple baking recipes to follow, then this is the account for you.

With over 6.3 million followers on TikTok, Lynja has some iconic recipes, and the Squid Game cookies are certainly a new item to add to the list.

The video has 23.1 million views, shows a follower asking her to make Squid Game cookies. Lynja is then dared to play the Dalgona game by one of the ‘masked characters’ from Squid Game and starts the recipe.

Lynja plays the Squid Game scaredness well, and she’s even shaking while making the cookies. After placing some star shapes into the sugar cookies, she finally gets a thumbs up from the menacing character.

Hilariously, she remarks at the end, “Of course I beat the Squid Game.”

Where did Dalgona Cookies originate from?How to make the Dalgona Cookies from Squid Game?

Dalgona cookies are a sweet treat traditionally made in South Korea with honeycomb. The cookies have a shape placed into the mixture before it hardens. In the game, the outer edges must be broken off the cookie, and the inner shape must stay as a whole.

On Squid Game, the fate of having a failed attempt at breaking off the cookie’s outer pieces is deadly. However, give the recipe a go for yourself and get practicing because it’s delicious!

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