How it feels to Glamp at Miami Lifeguard Tower via Airbnb

I stayed in a lifeguard tower that I found on Airbnb for $100. I had a great view of Manatee Bay and Florida Everglades from my bed and was close to nature.

The author is seen on the towers porch

The author stands outside the tower of lifeguards.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Insider paid Airbnb for its accommodation. This is according to our reporting standards.

There are certainly more glamorous and expensive ways to go glamping — you could pay thousands of dollars for luxury glamping accommodations, Insider reports.

A mosquito net around a bed in a luxurious safari camp tent.

Glamping in Northern Botswana

Jason Edwards/Getty Images

Insider reports that Glamping can be a good compromise if you don’t want to camp on the ground.

bedroom inside of a luxury camp on the Sri Lankan highlands - stock photo

Glamping accommodations in the Sri Lankan Highlands.

Cavan Images/Getty Images

Source: Insider

It was a wonderful way to discover a unique and affordable glamping experience. Now I know and I intend to do it again.

Left: A view of a red, white, and blue lifeguard tower Right: The author inside the tower with windows behind her

The author is seen at lifeguard tower.

Joey Hadden/Insider

My host texted me while I was driving to South Miami-Dade Marina to remind me to bring water, as the water available on the site is only suitable for showering and not drinking.

A view of the highway outside of the property

The view from the highway leading to the accommodation.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Although the original lifeguard towers were originally located in Miami South Beach, they have been moved to a dock with a locking gate and a feeling of seclusion.

A view of the outside of the property

The tower is hidden behind a locked gate.

Joey Hadden/Insider

I was able to feel the peaceful isolation of camping, without worrying about my safety. According to a sign at a boat ramp, I was able to sleep beside manatees.

The boat ramp has a sign that says to watch for manatees

There is a sign on the boat ramp that warns people to keep an eye out for manatees

Joey Hadden/Insider

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