Hospital Had No Beds So Woman Got Treatment in a Parking Lot!

As the virus continues its rampage, many are stuck in hospital beds fighting for their lives. This broad usage of beds is why a TikToker, Santana, who appeared to be barely breathing herself, claimed she had to be treated in the parking lot. 

A 23-year-old TikTok user Sophia Santana, attempted to show the state of hospitals during the current COVID-19 pandemic by sharing a TikTok video of her unusual location.

With an oxygen mask on, the TikToker revealed that she was being treated in the parking lot due to the unavailability of beds. As she was swirling her camera, she revealed her chair, oxygen tank, and the parking lot.

Sophia Santana holding her oxygen mask on her face [left]; a snapshot of the parking lot Sophia Santana was being treated in [right].

The multimedia artist also laughed while doing so, encouraging fans in her description to get the vaccines. However, she was not being treated for the virus, Santana wrote in the comment section:

“PSA I went to the hospital cuz I had a severe asthma attack not covid!”

The TikTok user also revealed that she had been fully vaccinated. This video went viral and has received just under 900,000.00 likes and more than 7000 comments.

Some remarked on the state of the United States’ medical system, with many agreeing on the opinion that it is not up to par. Others hypothesized that her being left outside the hospital was not due to a shortage of hospital beds.

Her husband found a touching way to show love to his wife, even though he could not visit her.

They thought there wasn’t enough staff. One viewer claimed that many of them were quitting at this point, while another, who asserted that they were a nurse, thanked Santana for her patience.

Since then, there have also been many people who believe the clip was staged. In a follow-up video, the multimedia artist refuted these claims.

The TikTok showed the viewers her hospital forms to prove that she was, in fact, at a medical facility. Santana added to the story, saying that she was only there one day.

The TikTok user said that she arrived at the center by herself and was barely able to breathe. The staff took a while to attend to her, but she stated that she was now okay and that the incident was funny to her.

Tragically, while Santana was stuck outside of the hospital, many were gasping to get out. One such woman was Donna Crane, who took on the virus for ten days in the ICU.

Her husband found a touching way to show love to his wife, even though he could not visit her in the ward. Gary would show up at the hospital parking lot before going to work and hold up massive block letters that said: “I love you.”

The nurses would help the critical patient by pulling her up to look outside the window at the loving gesture. These stories demonstrate that you can win any battle with humor and love.

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