hospice worker delivers an elderly woman to her wrong home Doorbell Camera shows Everything!

A man who worked for a hospice came to a door and delivered an elderly lady to the wrong place. He was left red-faced and rushing to getaway.

A doorbell camera video shared on TikTok by user Leanna Marie Garcia showed an unknown hospice employee unknowingly taking a senior citizen to the wrong household as she lay in her gurney.

In the clip, the worker slowly pushed the elderly lady in her stretcher to the house’s door, saying hello to the individual inside. The senior citizen then informed him that he was at the wrong address, to which he quickly apologized to the resident.

An elderly woman is taken to her home by a hospice worker.

In the video, the inhabitant — assumably, the TikToker herself — calmly assured the hospice worker that it was okay. However, the overlay text included in the TikTok recording said otherwise, with it reading this is:

“I was so scared like whooooo tf died and wanted to be delivered to my house?! 😭 I was so confused ya’ll.”

The man slowly began backing away from the house with the gurney, taking the senior citizen back to the vehicle. He appeared to whisper to himself, exclaiming that the situation was humiliating.

Commenting by an individual on a TikTok posting by Leanna Marie Garcia.

In the description, the TikTok user did show sympathy for the elderly lady. Explain. that although she was not passed away as Garcia initially thought, it was scorchingly hot on the day.

The doorbell camera also allowed her to speak to the neighbor, giving her a useful warning.

Many TikTokers, commenters, and others agreed with the sentiment and were also touched by it. One compassionate individual RemarksThe clip made them cry.

Commenting by an individual on a TikTok posting by Leanna Marie Garcia.

However, many viewers found it quite disturbing. Funny, although a significant amount admitted they felt terrible for their dark sense of humor. One user went by the name “E” This is:

“Omg…girl they was about to deliver you a whole person! 😳😂”

Beyond the sadness and jokes, some were indeed angered, saying that this shouldn’t have been posted online in the first place. The viral clip has been shared over 6000 times.

While some may struggle with addresses, which was gruelingly embarrassing in the case of this hospice worker, others may shine at it, such as Amazon worker Kelsey.

Not only did she manage to deliver a package to a new homeowner’s house even though it had no number, but she also spoke to the new neighbor through the doorbell camera, providing her with a helpful warning.

The Amazon employee told her that having no house number could be disastrous if there were an emergency and paramedics needed to find her place quickly. Unlike the hospice worker, Kelsey was not shy, confident in her delivery abilities and advice.

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