Hollywood’s Celebs Have Moved: From Matthew McConaughey, to James Van Der Beek. Modern Family’s Ariel Winter Continues The Trend


Hollywood's Celebs Have Moved: From Matthew McConaughey, to James Van Der Beek. Modern Family's Ariel Winter Continues The Trend

It was once common for actors to reside in Hollywood or New York. But celebrities have changed their minds and left Tinseltown. The List of celebrities who no longer call Los Angeles homeIt includes Marvel stars like Chris Hemsworth, a-listers such as Matthew McConaughey, and famous TV personalities such as James Van Der Beek. Now, Modern Family star Ariel Winter has explained why she’s also continued the trend. 

Ariel Winter has lived in Los Angeles all her life. This is unlike the many transplants and actors hoping to be there. She recently shared her story on her website. Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen’s podcast Quitters that during the pandemic she’d really been thinking about what would lie ahead if she moved. She noted that people often asked her about her. “where would I go?”

I just don’t know, what would I do? Randomly, I looked at the options and made a decision. ‘why not?’Within a week and half, I had decided to move. We sold our cars and bought an Escalade to accommodate all the dogs. I put my house on the market, sold my house–we just went back and got the rest of our stuff. It was hard for me to decide that, just because I’m leaving everyone I know in California.

Ariel Winter and Luke Benward, her boyfriend, moved from California to Virginia. Winter was born in Virginia before she began working in Hollywood as a young actress. She notes that she still has relatives in the area and that the move was not an easy one. “If I don’t like it somewhere I can leave.” 

It might seem like a huge jump to exit the place you’ve lived for the majority of your life and take a car across the country to move to the opposite coast, but Ariel Winter says the move really made sense for herself and her partner. She claims that she didn’t enjoy living in LA. 

Because I was followed for most of my life by paparazzi, LA is a big reason why I hate it. I don’t like having my space invaded. I don’t like pictures of me when I haven’t signed up for pictures of me. I don’t like feeling watched. I’ve always just wanted to live a very, very normal life, just have a normal existence. Los Angeles was not the place for me.

The Modern FamilyStar is very active on social media. Judging by her comments to Julie Bowen, she seems to want to control her narrative. This was hard to do in sunny California. She continued to say “fame” is not something she’s ever “really had an interest in,”Although she moved to another place, it was not the same as her home. “industry”Many people have moved. Interestingly, her comments mirror those Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves made several months ago. In the instance of McConaughey’s family moved from Hollywood to Texas.Their children could enjoy a better life. “private”Way to grow up 

He’s not the only one to move away from the spotlight, as Jason Segel moved from a “small farm town”To get out of the spotlight, like what Ariel Winter is saying in this video. And Chris Hemsworth with Elsa Pataky his wife also left LA so they wouldn’t be in “the eye of the storm”It could be recharged in Australia. 

Winter’s been out of California for a few months now, but she’ll still likely spend a considerable amount of time there as acting gigs take her back and forth between the two coasts, as she’s been busy since Modern FamilyWrapped. In fact, she  recently was A pilot for a brand-new TV show has been approved Hungry?, Hot In Cleveland creator Suzanne Martin. She seems to be settling down for a new lifestyle that includes far fewer papparazzi photographs at the moment. This is a testament to the brouhaha surrounding Ariel Winter’s changing body as an actress on the ABC sitcom, I can’t really blame her. 


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