Historic Rotterdam Bridge May Be Dismantled to Reportedly Accommodate Jeff Bezos’ Superyacht

Portions of a historic Rotterdam bridge may be partially dismantled to accommodate Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, who is reportedly building a superyacht in the nearby Oceanco shipyard, according to CNN.

The city has received a request to remove a central portion of Koningshaven Bridge, known as “De Hef” to locals, so that the vessel can set sail.

Officials state that for this to occur, the shipbuilder must apply for a permit. And before the permit is approved, they must consider other factors, including the impact dismantling the bridge would have on the environment, local economy, and the preservation of the bridge’s structure.

There was a recent extension renovation of the structure in 2017, CNN reports, and afterward, municipal officials said the bridge would never be dismantled again.

If this dismantling is approved, the shipbuilder will cover all costs and would have to re-build the bridge.

Oceanco is known for building custom yachts. This yacht in question has three masts and, when completed, will be the world’s tallest sailing yacht.

Dutch journalist Brad Stone reported last year that the yacht would be 127 meters long, CNN said.

When asked for comment on this news, Oceanco told CNN that they were unable to “because of privacy and strict confidentiality reasons.”

As expected, many locals are unhappy with the possible dismantling.

Matthias Van Der Wilt, a Rotterdam resident, calls the plans “stupid.” “The more money you have, the more power you get, even though it goes against principles of the city,” he toldReuters.

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