Herschel Walker says that ‘This Erection is About the People’ during a Fox News appearance (Video).

During an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday night, Herschel Walker misspoke in an amusing way that ended up feeling extremely appropriate for his campaign, in light of the numerous lies about his sex life that he’s told.

Walker, along with Ted Cruz, a Republican senator, and Lindsey Graham were appearing alongside him. They are supporting Walker in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff election. Walker’s opponent is of course Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock, who if he wins will help Democrats secure control of all Senate committees alongside enlarging the Democrats’ majority. Early voting opens this weekend.

He did say something at one time. “this election is for the people.” If we were to guess, it is possible that he was thinking about his scandals of recent times. It was because he spoke as follows: “This erection is for the people.” That video is available via The always amazing ACYN Follow us on Twitter Also, ew.

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Speaking of erections for the people, Walker’s campaign has been defined by rampant lying about his sex life and family. For instance, he lied about the number of children he has — turns out he had a whole bunch of secret kids with whom he barely had contact. Also, he claims to be ardently anti-abortion but it turns out he’s paid for at least one, and wanted to pay for several others. And that’s not even getting into his lies about being in law enforcement (he wasn’t), among other things.

Maybe Walker didn’t misspeak after all — sure sounds like he spent considerable time acting as if, uh, you know, was about the people. We kid, we kid, but seriously, he A lot of lies were really told..

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