Here’s who Priscilla Presley dated after her split with Elvis


Here's who Priscilla Presley dated after her split with Elvis

Celebrity biographers are well-known Jerry Oppenheimer, Priscilla Presley not only once dated Robert Kardashian — famed lawyer of O.J. Simpson and first husband of Kardashian family matriarch Kris Houghton, aka Kris Jenner — but she was actually Kardashian’s first love. Kardashian and Houghton were first acquainted in 1974. Jenner said so herselfHe dated for four more years before they got married in 1978. Oppenheimer’s 2017 report says that this is not the case. “The Kardashians: An American Drama,”Kardashian and Presley had an affair in the years prior to their marriage. Jenner was born. “totally jealous” of this, Oppenheimer told “Inside Edition” in 2017. 

“Kris Jenner comes from a very blue collar family,” Oppenheimer said. “She has very little education … She saw Robert as her way out of this blue collar life, a way out of being a flight attendant and a Beverly Hills lifestyle, which he had to offer her.”

Despite Elvis Presley and Priscilla having already separated, Elvis was still controlling her love and personal lives. “While he was making love to Priscilla, she would get incoherent phone calls from Elvis,”Oppenheimer wrote via Radar Online). “She would put the receiver on the pillow and let him listen.”Kardashian may have been taken aback by this but it was Priscilla that ended the affair. She refused to marry anyone while Elvis was alive. Priscilla made good on her promise. 


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