Here’s a tip from a travel expert: If you forgot an adaptor while on holiday, here are some ways to charge it.

One TRAVEL expert revealed a trick to charge your phone if your adaptor has gone missing on your next trip.

One of the worst things to forget on your dream holiday is a plug adapter leaving you unable to charge your phones and tablets.

There's an easy way to charge your phone if you have forgotten an adaptor


If you’ve lost your adaptor, there is an easy method to charge your smartphone.Credit: Getty

Mark Saltzman is a tech travel expert. USA TodayHis top tip for charging your smartphone is:

You only need the hotel TV.

Mark explained: “If you left home without your smartphone plug but you still have the cable, plug it into the hotel room’s television and it will charge up your device.

“There should be a powered USB port on the side or back.”

Another hack is to take one travel adaptor – but pack an extension lead.

Saltzman revealed some other travel tips including reminding holidaymakers take pictures of their boarding pass.

He stated: “Take a screengrab of your boarding pass on your phone to create an offline version, in case the Internet connection isn’t good at the airport you won’t hold everyone up behind you.”

There’s an iPhone travel hack everyone should use.

It’s called Focus – and it could completely revolutionise your stay away.

The setting can block certain apps from triggering notifications on your phone.

You can also turn off all other work applications, coworkers and anyone that could distract from your holiday bliss.

To set it all up, go into Settings > Focus and then add a new Focus mode.

All settings can be customized, with activation dates and times.

You might leave your holiday clothes on if you aren’t at home.

If you require translation assistance, the iPhone camera can instantly interpret menus and sign language.

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