Guided By Voices Tease 35th Album with New Song “Excited Ones”

Guided by Voices is back with a new song. “Excited Ones,”Their upcoming album, their 35th album Crystal Nuns CathedralMar. 4. 

“Excited Ones”This power-pop sound packs a lot of energy, thanks to its powerful drum beats and jangle-y guitars. “Excited ones,” bellows Robert Pollard, “You squeeze them all to death/They don’t have much to say/But maybe if we say one more, they’ll stay!”

Crystal Nuns CathedralGuided by Voices continues to enjoy a prolific period. Indie-rock icons Guided by Voices released three albums in 2020 and added two more in 2017. Earth Man BluesThe book, titled, was published in April 2021. It’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. They are it!The film was released in October 2021. 

Guided by Voices has cancelled two shows in New York City, and Boston, due to Omicron Covid-19’s surge. Start a TourOn March 18, the Majestic Theatre will be in Madison, Wisconsin. The run will wrap April 2 at Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown, California, though at the end of April, GBV will perform at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta.

Crystal Nuns Cathedral Tracklist

1. “Eye City”
2. “Re-Develop”
3. “Climbing A Ramp”
4. “Never Mind the List”
5. “In the Pipe”
6. “Come North Together”
7. “Forced to Sea”
8. “Huddled”
9. “Excited Ones”
10. “Of Your Doctor”
11. “River Man”
12. “Crystal Nuns Cathedral”

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