Genius Gmail trick reveals who is giving away all your private info – start doing this TODAY

Is your inbox flooded with unnecessary promotional emails and you’re not sure why?

You can check your Gmail account to see if anyone is sending you spam or sharing personal information with them.

Genius Gmail trick reveals who is giving away all your private info – start doing this TODAY

A Gmail trick could help you spot who is sharing your data credit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

The trick was recently highlighted by tech website BGR and involves you giving away an altered email address.

It explained in an article: “Say, for example, you’re buying a shirt at Old Navy and, as part of the checkout process, they ask for your email address.

“If your name is [email protected], you should instead enter your email address as [email protected]

Gmail will ignore any characters that begin with a plus sign.

“In turn, you’ll still be able to receive emails from Old Navy, but you’ll also be able to tell if Old Navy is sharing your data with others if you start noticing emails from third parties sent to the [email protected] address.”

You’ll still receive emails to your original account, but you can differentiate the sender by looking at how they have typed your email address.

It may be worth giving away multiple versions of your email to trace the sender.

This trick can also be used to organize your inbox.

If you have a business on the side, instead of using “[email protected]” you can tell people to email “[email protected]”.

While the emails will still be sent to your main inbox, you can use the search box to view emails specific to your business by entering the altered email address.

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