General Hospital: Carly & Olivia’s friendship: can they be repaired?

Carly Spencer, played by Laura Wright and Olivia Quartermaine, played by Lisa LoCicero have been close friends for quite some time.

When Carly and Connie Falconeri, (Megan Ward) owned the Metro Court at that time along with Carly Falconeri, they became very close.

Olivia inherited Connie’s half of the hotel upon her death. Carly and Olivia became close friends and worked together well.

Their friendship was a surprise because Carly didn’t get along with many women, especially Sonny’s exes.

Elizabeth Webber is also nicer to her now.

There is now trouble in Carly and Olivia’s friendship paradise.General Hospital: Carly SpencerGeneral Hospital Spoilers – Carly Spencer’s Accusations Against Ned Quartermaine On General Hospital

Everyone assumed that Ned Quartermaine, (Wally Kurth), was the person who handed them over when Carly Cain and Drew Cain were charged with insider trade.

Ned was adamant in his denial, but Brooke Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) daughter believed him. He was believed to be lying by his own wife.

Olivia was shocked when Carly asked her best friend to tell her husband off for the things he’d done.

She realized that Ned had been telling the truth. However, after she apologized to him, he fell in the pool, and his head was hit.

Olivia attacked Carly She was worried about her husband’s health. She had enough of Carly’s accusations and was only concerned for Ned.

He thinks that he’s Eddie Maine now.

GH Spoilers – Nina Reeves Will Drive A Bigger Wedge Between The Besties

Olivia was just as angry with Carly as Sonny Corinthos, when Nina Reeves first began to love Sonny Corinthos.

When she purchased Carly’s half of the Metro Court, they were both livid. Olivia refused to even work with Nina in the beginning.

Now that some time has passed, Olivia has warmed up a bit to Sonny’s fiance. She’s close with the mobster and wants to see him happy.

Her attitude has changed from one of hatred and intolerance to one that is pleasant.

Her and Carly’s friendship is strained to say the least. Both are engrossed in their dramas and haven’t taken the time necessary to put things right.

Now Olivia has volunteered to not only have Sonny and Nina’s wedding at the Metro Court but to help plan it.

Nina is a friend of hers. Sonny would be very happy.

Carly will be the one who is not happy. Nina’s husband and hotel are with her.

Now she will step in Carly’s shoes with her best friend. Carly is going to be angry when she learns the truth.

This will of course all blow up in Nina’s face when everyone finds out she was the one who called the SEC.

Olivia is going to hate her because she let Ned fall.

Is it possible to salvage her friendship with Carly in time?

General Hospital will reveal all.

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