France Reveals the Mask Mandate for Venues, including Cinemas

France is the latest European country to reintroduce restrictions as a response to Covid-19.

There are many factors that contribute to the increase in positive and fatal cases in this country.

Health minister Olivier Véran announced yesterday that masks will again be mandatory in all indoor settings, including cinemas, as well as some outdoor venues such as Christmas markets.

It will also apply to events that require a valid medical pass. This shows that the person has been vaccinated or has recently recovered from the disease. Véran also announced that all adults in the country will need to receive their booster shot of the vaccine by January 15 for their health passes to remain valid, while for individuals over the age of 65 that date is December 15.

However, the minister stressed that currently no lockdowns or curfews are planned.

Recent fears have risen about the possibility of lockdowns after a surge in cases in certain European countries. Austria is one of the worst affected countries. They have already taken steps to address this problem. Protests were held in Vienna this week as a result of the protocols.

After warnings that B.1.1.529 variant of Covid, which may be more transmissible, could be able to evade immunity, authorities in South Africa, the UK, and other countries have imposed travel restrictions. Two suspected cases of this variant were discovered in Belgium today.

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