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Five Netflix Shows That Will Give You A Good Insight Into The Dangerous World Of Addiction


For many of us, addiction is a world we don’t really know about or understand. We see celebrities discuss their problems, but we don’t really know what they’ve gone through or how they’ve recovered.

We see that people go to alcohol and drug rehab and get better, but don’t know much beyond that. And there is far more to addiction than that. It can take people to dark places, while the motivation needed to overcome it is huge. What’s more, treatment is sophisticated, tailored and designed to aid people not just for the few weeks they are there, but for the rest of our lives.

With addiction levels soaring at present, particularly when it comes to opioids, with it contributing to over 75% of all drug overdose deaths yearly in the USA, it’s important to be more understanding of addiction and realise just what it can do.

Its representation in the media is becoming more authentic, and on Netflix these days there are some really good watches to give you insight into it, in all manner of different forms. So, if you would like to know more, while also being thoroughly entertained, here are five shows that tackle addiction effectively, and in very different ways…

Black Mirror

Season three, episode three of Black Mirror, entitled Shut Up and Dance, is one of the most vivid depictions of addiction and the consequences of it. Each character is facing their own battle, with the episode exploring the consequences of their actions due to addiction.

It’s a cautionary tale, but one that’s incredibly dark and damning of modern day society and the technological reliance we have, and is produced in only a way Black Mirror can do it. A must watch.

BoJack Horseman

Heading in a completely different direction now and to BoJack Horseman. All six seasons of the show tackle addiction, with BoJack himself suffering from substance abuse. Despite being a comedy, and a satirical look at Hollywood, its honesty around addiction is refreshing, with it a relatively accurate portrayal, particularly when it coms to the cyclical nature of addiction, the effect on relationships and mental health, as well as the challenges that occur within recovery.


Ozark is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. While it’s predominantly based on money laundering, the show also authentically highlights the effects of addiction as characters try to cope with the stress of the criminal activity they are involved in.

It’s a solid indicator of how stress and certain circumstances can be instrumental in developing addictions, and how addiction can spiral out of control and have a huge effect on not just oneself, but many others too.


There are few more honest reflections of addiction in a comedy drama than in Love, which follows Mickey and Gus and the developing of their relationship. Created by Judd Apatow, it doesn’t glamourise addiction, but rather tells the true tale of it and how it can affect romantic relationships.

It’s the flip side of a coin to how many TV shows focus on the addicted character in question, and many people worldwide who have a partner with addiction will totally relate to this compelling story.


Finally, we’re going to look at the drug trade as a whole and how that fuels addiction in Narcos, a hugely popular show that was a real phenomenon a few years ago. It shows how the pursuit of power drives drug addiction and kills many of its path.

It’s essentially the root cause of addiction problems, and something which government forces around the world need to do more about to help put a stop to the rising number of people becoming addicted and the rising number of people overdosing as a result.



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