Fans in awe at Jack Grealish’s ‘mutant’ calves during World Cup

England fans are in disbelief over Man City star Jack Grealish’s huge calves Which have dominated the World Cup 2022.

The 27-year-old is currently in Qatar as part of Gareth Southgate’s England 2022 World Cup squad, and he scored a goal during the first game against Iran.

However, people are more interested in his muscly legs than his football abilities – which have captivated people across the nation.

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Jack Grealish’s calves go viral during World Cup

The midfielder’s calves are the talk of the internet following the first two World Cup games against Iran and the USA.

His leg muscles look amazing and are the strongest of any England team member.

Jack and Sasha Attwood are in a happy marriage. However, his muscle mass has women from all walks of the country admiring him.

It’s not just women who are enamoured by his calves either. Many men are impressed or jealous of his legs.

This World Cup image is worth a glance:

He told them in April 2022. Daily Mail Genetics are the key to his large calves.

“I actually don’t do anything. It’s just something that runs in the family. My grandad always had big calves when he used to play football,” He stated.

“But I don’t do any calf exercises or calf routines in the gym or anything. Honestly, it’s just something that I’ve had since I was young.”

His muscly calves are a big hit with his fans

On Twitter, one person said:

An additional thought was:

The third person can be added

Someone else tweeted:

He has a complete calendar for his legs

The footballer’s calves have actually been internet-famous for years, and there’s even a whole calendar dedicated to them.

Kevin Beresford was a grandfather who made 2023 Calendar which contains 12 different photos of his insane legs – one for every month.

The calendar is being sold by the 70-year-old, who promises it will bring him joy “luscious” close-ups of the football star’s calves, for £12.50 each.

He is a retired painter from Redditch, Worcestershire and this is actually the second calendar of Jack Grealish’s calves he’s made.

“It was my best-selling calendar last year and that’s what pushed me to do a sequel. The pictures are better this year, his calves have got better and bigger and they look more beautiful,” He stated.

“I’ve said before Grealish has the calves of a Greek god and now they even look less hairy. Whether he shaves them I don’t know but I think they’re luscious this year.”

“As the World Cup starts people will be noticing him more too. His calves are going to be on the world stage.”

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