Experts warn that the deadline to prevent Christmas Covid is rapidly approaching.

According to the Government, BRITS only have a short time to get their booster shots if they want to be protected on Christmas Day.

After last year of being separated by lockdown rules, families are likely to come together for the big day one month from now.

Get your booster ASAP for a safe Christmas


For a safe Christmas, get your booster as soon as possibleCredit to Alamy

There are no plans at the moment to place a limit on Christmas celebrations.

This is good news but it also means that Covid can be transmitted to relatives even though vaccines have been administered to millions.

In order to have more than 90 per cent protection against Covid illness and hospitalisation, experts say it’s time those eligible book their top-up jab.

After an injection, it takes approximately 14 days for antibodies grow.

Dec 11th is the deadline for optimal protection. 

A Department of Health and Social care spokesperson said: “People who have had their booster vaccine by 11 December will have very high protection against Covid-19 by Christmas Day.

“Following a rise in cases and a return of lockdown restrictions in Europe, those eligible for a booster have been urged to take up the offer as soon as possible to protect themselves, their families and help to reduce the pressure on the NHS.”

In Europe, a recent wave of infections has led to authorities imposing shutdowns on the continent.

Experts believe the UK will not suffer the same fate, provided boosters are taken in large numbers.

You can get a booster vaccine if you are over the age of 40 and it’s been six months since your second dose.

You can book a booster as soon as you reach the age of five months. 

The top-up is available to the clinically vulnerable, as well as health and social workers, regardless of their age.

A third dose is being offered to those over 12 who are severely immunosuppressed. This includes people with advanced HIV, leukemia and organ transplants.

About 16 million people across Britain have received booster vaccines or third doses. 

A number of Britain’s biggest charities have backed the booster campaign.

There are 16 charities that encourage vulnerable people to accept the offer of a top up jab, including Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, and The British Heart Foundation.

Patients will be encouraged to get vaccinated against the flu, another winter virus that can cause death. 

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: “I am hugely grateful to all the charities who are backing our vaccine campaign and supporting some of the most vulnerable in our society.

“With winter approaching, it’s so important that those who are at risk from the virus are protected in order to keep themselves safe.

“The vaccines are safe and effective and are helping us build a wall of defence against Covid-19. Please come forward for yours as soon as you can.”

Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup said: “The fight against COVID-19 through the vaccines is a national mission and it’s brilliant to see so many different organisations step up to help get this message to those most at-risk.

“If you’re yet to get your first, second or booster dose, please do come forward for the jab as soon as possible.”

What does it cost to increase Covid protection by using boosters?

Symptomatic infection

After two Oxford/AstraZeneca AZ doses, adults 50+ have 93.1 percent protection against symptomatic infections.

This drops from 66% to 45% six months later than the first dose to 65 percent.

Pfizer offers protection up to 94% for all those who received an initial Pfizer course. 

After three months, it drops to 90% and after six months to 65%.

However, protection is increased to 93.1 percent for those who received AZ first and to 94% for those who received boosters (all of which are Pfizer).


Protective measures against hospitalisation fall from 95 to 75 percent for AZ to 99 to 90 for Pfizer within three to six months of the second dose.

Professor Wei Shen Lim, Chair of Covid-19 immunisation, for the JCVI said: “Whilst we don’t yet have data on protection against hospitalisation and unfortunately people dying from Covid-19, we can expect protection to be even higher than that figure of 93 per cent because that’s what happened so far in the vaccine programme.”

Ex-vaccine minister, David Cameron predicts that Britain will become the first country to defeat Covid.

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