EXCLUSIVE:’Animal Kingdom’ Star Shawn Hatosy Teases “Tragic” Season 6

EXCLUSIVE:'Animal Kingdom' Star Shawn Hatosy Teases "Tragic" Season 6

Since Season 1, fans have theorized that Pope is J’s father and his twin sister, Julia, engaged in an incestual relationship.

“I don’t think it’s possible now,” Shawn spoke out when we asked him about the fan theory. “I mean, I think it’s as much as Pope, you know, when he was younger, explored the idea of getting physical and intimate with his sister … I think he knew that he couldn’t.”EXCLUSIVE:'Animal Kingdom' Star Shawn Hatosy Teases "Tragic" Season 6

Adding, “I’m not saying he didn’t want to, he probably did. But I don’t really, and I don’t think they ever crossed that line.”

However, the actor hinted that fans would witness what happened between Smurf and Julia in flashback episodes.

“As the story goes on and we finish up Season 5 and start to head into Season 6, you get to see what the fracture between Smurf and Julia was exactly, and how that sort of pushes and pulls at Pope … and his decision to align with Smurf,” Shawn said.

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