Everybody is saying the exact same thing about Netflix’s #1 show.

Martin Gero, co-showrunner on the new Netflix series Keep your lungs openThe simple message was for viewers: Follow us on Twitter.

After admiring this, The showNetflix is currently the #1 streaming service, a claim he made with the “mind-blown”He used the emoji to show his appreciation. “So proud of the incredible team that made this serene thriller that is resonating with so many people. And thank you for all your DM’s and tweets about how much it’s meant to you all.” And then — the disparaging comments started rolling in.

“Show is terrible. Flat-out terrible, I mean that” one viewer said in response to Gero’s tweet. Another: “I have wasted my time and demand @netflix should pay back my time. Too much flashback just killed this show.”

Keep your lungs openNetflix’s #1 Streaming Site

This is the sixth episode of the 6-episode series, which was released last week. Keep your lungs openIt is the #1 streamer in the US.

Counterintuitively, however, both the show’s audience and critics’ scores on Rotten TomatoesThey are in a word, terrible.

These two figures are at an alarming 43% right now. “Come for the scenery here and stay around for the solo acting, but don’t expect to be fully, thrillingly engaged,” writes a critic for Canada’s The Globe and Mail. Writes another, The Guardian: “Even without being hamstrung by context, there is not much to detain you here. Keep Breathing is determinedly basic stuff.”

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This survival thriller’s plot is quite simple. A New York lawyer — Liv, played by Melissa Barrera — survives when her private plane crashes in the remote Canadian frontier. She fights “an unforgiving wilderness and past personal demons,”According to Netflix, to remain alive.

keep breathing netflix series
Production still from Netflix’s thriller series “Keep Breathing.” Image source: Netflix

According to both viewers and critics, this seems like another example of Netflix prioritizing quality over quantity. The CrownThis is not the case. And at a time when quality presumably ought to matter more than ever to the streamer, with some huge and highly anticipated productions hitting rivals HBO Max, Amazon’s Prime Video, and Disney+ soon.

“Netflix has forgotten that the customer is always right,”One Keep your lungs openViewer wrote Rotten Tomatoes Tuesday, August 2nd. “If only they would listen to those paying for subscriptions, they may avoid 80% of their current catalog being total crap like this.”

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