Emily’s Top 5 Love Interests, Ranging From Worst To Best

5. Gabriel

Emily in Paris

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in “Emily in Paris.”

Carole Bethuel/ Netflix

Emily has been unable to escape Gabriel since moving to Paris, not that she’s tried very hard. 

It’s obvious that she is a good friend with the French chef. He lives on the same floor as her, but it doesn’t mean she lacks morals. 

First, Gabriel is in a relationship to Camille, the friendly and supportive art gallerist who takes Emily under her wing on episode four. 

Gabriel doesn’t mention that he has a girlfriend, even though he looks at Emily in season 1, but he is perfectly content to pursue his friend. 

The worst thing is that Gabriel continues to play both sides and keeps Camille on the sidelines even though he has feelings for Emily. He doesn’t even take into consideration Camille’s feelings when a chance arises for Gabriel to go on a first-time, single relationship with Emily.

“You didn’t do anything to Camille. You did do a lot of things to me,”He tells Emily. 

Gabriel could be more honest, committed, and dedicated if he were with his American neighbor. It’s unlikely, based on their past behavior and existing baggage. 

After all, he acts outwardly bothered by Emily’s relationship with Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount) throughout season two and then proceeds to get back together with Camille, moving in with her without so much as telling Emily. 

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